Isaac Pitman Shorthand & Typing Institute

Institute is run by Om Saai Samaj Kalyan Samiti a Government Registered N.G.O. since 2017 with an intent to provide the best education in the field of English Shorthand. There are classes available for learning Shorthand Writing Rules as well as for gaining speeds required for appearing at different exams to be held for the post of Steno, Personal Assistants, Additional Private Secretary in different Departments. The students are provided distinct dictations on different subject matters daily so that they may not feel inconvenient in noting down dictation of any particular field.



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Our Course

We impart education in the field of English Shorthand and Computer Typing.

Shothand Class

We provide classes in Shorthand as per the following time schedules.
1. Class for General and Legal Matters at 80 w.p.m. : 5.00 A.m. to 7.00 A.m.
2. Class for Learning Shorthand : 6.00 A.m. to 7.30 A.m.
3. Class for Legal Matters at 100-120 w.p.m. : 7.00 A.m. to 9.00 A.m.
4. Class for General & Legal Matters at 60 w.p.m 6.30 P.m. to 8.30 P.m.

Computer Typing Classes

(a) We provide computer lab for the stundents of Shorthand for transcription of the matter in their respective time schedule of Shorthand Class.
(b) We provide computer lab to those stundents also who only want to learn typing and gain speed and timing for them is : from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Our Notes

(a) Admission for any class may be taken in the first week of each month.
(b) Time schedule of classes may get re-scheduled by the management, which will be communicated to the studentns in advance. (c) Shorthand Learning Rules are completed in six months.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    Our vision is that we should give our best contribution in the field, i.e., Shorthand and Computer Typing so that each and every stundent, who comes to us, may succeed in making their career in the field soon.

  • Mission

    From the beginning, we have made career of many stundents in the field and our mission is to make learning more easier in the field so that much more stundents may succeed soon in upcoming competitions in the field. For this, we provide fluent outlines and phrasal outlines in shorthand, which are very easy to write and remember. Our e-magazine available on our web portal on legal and general matters both willl also boost the capability of the students to observe right and fluent outlines of the words and phrases.

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